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Samsung is releasing several new phones in 2013 because of all the success they’ve had over the last three years starting with the Samsung Galaxy. They’re now on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone already and it’s going to compete directly with the new Sony Xperia Z and the Droid 5 from Verizon.

galaxy s4 case


You see the Galaxy S3 has sold over 30 million phones worldwide and is one of the best selling phones of all time. So the only question is when, not if Samsung is going to release the new Galaxy S4 smartphone in 2013. It looks like it will be release summer 2013, but there have only been rumors about the phone, nothing from the company.  You can see Galaxy S4 accessories on this site here

They’ll have some competition this year, there are several super high end phones coming out and even a new refreshed iPhone 5S.